Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Post Coming

It has been a whirlwind at our house since Tyler's g-tube was placed.

In a month and a half there was: g-tube put in, washing machine out of commission for a week, OB visit, bought new washer, California trip, 3 of Tyler's 4 older brothers started school, attempt to get back on schedule, 2 GI appointments, follow-up visit w/pediatric surgeon, allergist visit, 15 month well-check w/pediatrician, homework for 3 kids, feeding therapy evaluation, another OB appointment, multiple phone calls to PCH billing department, trying new foods, battling with Apria (they suck!), numerous calls to insurance, Tyler refusing foods, and a husband working 12+ hour days for more than a week straight has not left much time to blog.

New post coming soon (just in time for me to start school on Monday).

What fun. :)

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  1. I got your comment on Raya's blog and it totally made me laugh. Small world, huh? :) To answer your question, I would DEFINITELY have switched to the Infinity pump, and probably would have done it sooner. I liked the Joey pump but if there's ever a chance that he'll need a pump feed when you're not at home, it's so much smaller and easier to carry than the Joey. I'm also realizing that doing gravity bolus feeds in public is not fun and it would be a lot easier and more discreet to do it with the pump, so the infinity pump is definitely the way to go. And yes, Apria is a giant pain in the rear. :)