Sunday, June 19, 2011

? (for other EE moms)

The GI wanted to wait until after Tyler's 2nd scope and "personal baseline" before starting food(s) that had reactions on the patch test. The scope is done so we started apples last night. He ate some. By some I mean 2 tablespoons. We tried again this afternoon and he took a small bite then wasn't interested. He refused the apples by turning his head while also pushing the spoon away with his hand. It's crazy how quickly all the memories came rushing back from when he was 9 months old. We are lucky though, at least he isn't screaming the second we put him in the highchair.

My question is.... how aggressive do we get with food trials after being on an elemental diet for 4ish weeks? I am not sure what he is trying to tell us. I don't know if it is from negative food association or if he is starting to react internally and doesn't feel good. He is 3 days post-op of g-tube placement so not having a hearty appetite is expected. I am just wondering when do we let him to guide us and when do we push a little more? (Past experience has shown that if we let him guide us, he probably wouldn't be alive cause he has always hated food.)

Friday, June 17, 2011

G-tube (PEG) is in, we are home

All things considered, yesterday's surgery went pretty well. I'm extremely sleep deprived but thought I'd share some pics from yesterday and today before I go crash for a few hours. What a difference between days 1 and 2.

Day 1

Tyler w/diapered bum hanging out.
Sometimes you can't take the father out of the boy.

A perfect tummy.

A quick pre-op picture with Daddy

And Mommy

After the surgery (he was a bleeder)

Later that evening, hooked up to morphine drip

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Day 2

He was crabby so I let him play with the camera just so I could change his diaper. (Not so bad considering I hadn't showered or put on make-up, running on 1.5 hrs of sleep.)

Waiting for the pain meds to start working.

His crib (aka The Birdcage)

Him back to being playful.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Thursday is a Big Day

I am still working on a post with the details of Tyler's GI appointment last Tuesday but my brain isn't cooperating enough for me to get it posted tonight (from mental exhaustion or pregnancy brain, I'm not sure which).

For those whose who didn't get the message I posted on facebook, Tyler is going in for his 2nd scope and is getting a g-tube placed this Thursday. I am confident Dr. McOmber and Dr. Graziano (his pediatric surgeon) will take care of our sweet boy. I am not sure my head has fully absorbed the reality of our boy getting a surgically placed feeding tube in his belly in 4 days. Can it be removed when/if things improve? Certainly. The thing that gets me is him having a permanent exterior scar. Somehow it psychologically takes me to a place I hadn't ever anticipated being when we initially received his diagnosis months ago. Truly ignorance is sometimes bliss. Interesting how quickly the human mind can learn/accept new things when your child has a chronic illness don't you think?