Friday, May 27, 2011

Quick Weight Check / Allergist Visit Update

Tyler had an allergist visit yesterday so I figured I'd kill 2 birds with 1 stone and do a quick weight check at the GI's office since it's less than a mile from the allergist office. (The allergist doesn't have an infant scale and the plop-him-on-the-scale-with-clothes-and-a-diaper weight skews any progress.) The scale read 19 lbs 12.4 ounces, a +7.4 oz gain in one week. Wahoo! To say the ng tube is working is an understatement. Usually Tyler would take a month or two to gain that much weight.

Dr. Shimamoto was pleased with the gain and would like to try apples or pears next week. He is hoping to have Tyler on a couple foods before we do another scope. Originally we had an appointment to see McOmber in July but I got a call from McOmber's office this morning saying they could get us in June 7th. I can't wait to see what the scale says in a week and a half.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Tyler's new look

Through the nose, over the ear, then taped to the back.

Placement wasn't a fun thing for me. The nurse has done it for 19 years, only hit the airway once. "Chances of doing that are slim."

She does it perfectly and quickly. Mister C gets it down with no problem. I get halfway and pause because I feel something hard. I freak out and pull it out. The nurse asks if I saw what happened to him. I was so focused on how it "felt" going down I wasn't paying attention to his face. Apparently the nurse and Mister C noticed he started turning a blue-ish color. (I hit his airway.) I had to try it again and now Tyler is beyond pissed. I get it down and he is screaming bloody murder. We are so focused on consoling him we don't notice all the formula in his stomach was emptying on the table behind him.

Mental note: Make sure the end port is closed when inserting.

Here is to hoping he won't pull it out when he's in his crib.

We had to do syringe feedings last night because the pump isn't getting delivered until this afternoon. So far so good.

*Post edit: The tube lasted a little over 48 hours before he yanked it out. His brothers now get to see firsthand how "fun" it is to put a feeding tube in.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

2 week wait is over

We had our two week weight check last Wednesday. Tyler was +4.5 oz in 2 weeks. Yay!

Around the same time as last week's weight check he decided he isn't as hungry as he ought to be. Yesterday we struggled to get him to drink 12 scoops, not even close to his minimum of 25/day. Went in for a weight check this morning and he was -1 oz from last Wednesday.

And still not hungry.

He is having an NG tube placed this afternoon. Look for a follow-up post later today or tomorrow. Fingers crossed he does well and he starts plumping up.... soon!