Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Patch Test Results

Tyler was happy today.

Happy because these things

were coming off.

The nurse came in to take the patches off. We were disappointed because initially he had more of a rash/reaction to the darn tape than the foods.

She removed the patches then outlined where the foods were and numbered them.

The nurse said Tyler was/is her best patient because usually kids cry and wiggle during this.

We have to watch these circle for 5 days, noting daily changes.

Then we waited to see Dr. Shimamoto.

Forget books, the cell phone has buttons I can push.

By the time Dr. Shimamoto got to us some of the negative patches turned positive.

The Results...

Safe foods
Egg (doctor isn't 100% certain about this one)
Green Beans

Could be safe but had irregular reactions

Positive Foods (don't eat)
Sweet Potatoes

Uber Positive Foods
Rice (Apparently he can't be as Mexican as we thought. What Mexican eats beans without rice?)

Tyler's diet for the next 6 weeks will consist of Elecare (super expensive formula), green beans, and soy.

Don't be jealous!


  1. ewww, that dosn't sound like a good diet. But i bet in 6 weeks you will be coming up with some super delicious creative ways to make soy and green beans. One way i know is you can bake them and make crunchy green bean fries, I bet he would love those, and also get him to dip in olive oil to add extra calories. Wow well now you know and as the next 5 days unfold i bet you may be able to add one or two of those "could be safe" foods. Is your next appt in 6 weeks?

  2. Soy and green beans... That's just wrong. Poor little buddy!

  3. what about coconut milk instead of Soy? just a thought since I know soy can be bad for kids.. I mean I know you are going ot the doctors and all, but just a thought to ask the doctors.

  4. Are they drawing on him with sharpie permanent marker?!?
    I thought in the last post it said sweet potatoes were okay?!? What a crazy adventure! But I'm glad you're getting some answers.
    I'm glad you started this blog - it's a great way to keep a record for yourself and also for the rest of us to know what's going on.

  5. I agree with Lesa - Efren's got a lovely bunch of coconuts.

    (...there they are all standing in a row....big ones, small ones, some as big as your head....)

    Sounds like some delicious diapers.

    P.S I always get a rash from tape/bandaid adhesive stuff too.

  6. Make him some soy pudding! I bet he would love it:) I found a recipe once for a green bean pate, kinda like a guacamole. You could also try wild rice, it's not related to rice and might work for him.

    What a trooper!

  7. Hello...Iam so happy to have found your blog as I have a little girl with EE...I find encouragement reading others blogs that can relate...It helps you to realize others are going through it as thank you